GTA Online is famous for its massive gameplay and online, mode. The game developer was trying to create the game like real life. The game includes mostly all items, they exist in real life. The game has many cars, bikes, planes, and more. The Vehicle price is inspired in the real-life. So in this article, we are seeing the 5 most expensive supercars.

All GTA players include this car in their massive car collection. All car prices are so high and the fifth car price is almost $3,000,000(In-game money). …

We all play GTA Online, and all GTA fans are so crazy about the bikes. They are Drive bikes so fast, almost all players are use bikes to go the long drive, and also use to lose the copes. So this article we are seeing the fastest bike in GTA Online, You can definitely purchase.

GTA Online has a lot-off bikes, cars, plans, and more. But all players need the fastest vehicles, they are used to having fun and reach their destination faster. We are seeing the Top 5 fastest Bike in GTA Online, in 2021.

5 fastest bikes in GTA Online

5) Shitzu Hakuchou

GTA Online has a…

Free Fire recently announced, they realize the Next version of the Fee Fire, This name is Free Fire Max. Players can enjoy the free fire max in high graphics, and max level performance. All free-fire fans are so happy about this news. The player is able to pre-register the game, and we see the game size, and more detail about the free fire max.

Free Fire Max pre-registrations, Download size, and more

Free Fire Max Pre-registration

The Free Fire Max pre-registration starts on the 29th of August, and players are able to download the game soon. Players have searched the game in Google Play Store and Pre-register the Free Fire Max. …

All Minecraft players start the game for the first time, they spawn any location, like, hill biomes, jungle biomes, snow biomes, any ware. Sometimes the player spawns the rarest biomes, but they are don’t know about this biome. So now we see the top 5 rarest biomes in Minecraft.

In Minecraft (Java edition) there are 79 unique biomes in-game. So we are seeing the rarest biomes in Minecraft, but these biomes are only available in the normal world, this does not include a Neither World biomes.

5 Rarest Biomes in Minecraft

5) Snowy Taiga Mountains

The Minecraft players always need the rarest items, and they can show their friends, and also they are creating the YouTube video. But all players are don’t know what is rarest items in the Minecraft game. So we are seeing the all top 5 rarest items in Minecraft survival mode, this item easily you can get the creative mode.

5 rarest items in Minecraft survival

5) Totem Of Undying:-

All Minecraft player’s problem is “Food”, players have good armers, good weapons, but they are dia because of the no food. All Minecraft players know what is the importance of food in-game. So this article we see the best AFK farm in Minecraft.

We know the game has a lot of food, like cow, ship, fish, chicken, potato, and more. But there is one problem we invest time to collect these items. Manny way to collect the food, like farming, hunting, and more. So we see the Best Food Farm in Minecraft.

Best Food farm in Minecraft

5) Fish Farm

Fish farm is an easy way to fishing…

Free Fire is a get the highest download the worldwide. So they launch his upcoming Update OB29 in the future. There is all detail is here so you can get all you need.

The game developers are improving the game performance, graphics, gameplay, and more. The game update comes with some new features like new characters, new weapons, new peat, and more. This feature has not come to the Global version, this is launch only Free Fire Advance Servers, so players can register the free fire website.

Free Fire: Five best features of the OB29 update

1) New weapon

All GTA games are famous for their kill enemy, like movies. So there is many protagonists are killed many peoples like bisunseman, doctors, more. So today’s article we see the highest kills by the GTA series protagonist. Note kill only count the protagonist kill the storyline, Not all you kill.

The GTA series a famous for its open-world game assists missions, so all protagonists are killed by many people in the GTA storyline. Like Tomy, Traver, CJ, Mical all are the gangster, so they are killed many peoples. But who highest people, so we find this.

Top five protagonists in the GTA series based on Highest kill

5) Trevor Philips from GTA 5

Team soul announced their Battleground Mobile India Lineup, And there are include two new players. Team Soul announcing his lineup on July 7th at 10:30 pm to their S8ul channel. Fan’s are waiting for the Soul Battleground Mobile India Lineup, and they are so excited to know all player’s namess. This team has some major differences and changes, so read the article.

Soul BGMI Lineup

Team Soul players name:-

1. IGL/Support/Assaulter:- Mortal (Naman Mathur)

2. Assaulter:- Regaltos (Parv Singh)

3. Assaulter:- Scout(Tanmay Singh)

4. Support/Assaulter/IGL:-Mavi (Harmandeep Singh)

5. Support:- Viper (Yash Soni)

Team Soul includes two big players in the PUBG community the Scout and Mavi. These…

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